15th European Biologic Inorganic Chemistry Conference

August 16th (Sun) – August 20th (Thu), 2020

in Haskolabio, Hagatorg

Reykjavik, Iceland

Due to the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) situation. The following decisions have been made:

  1. Eurobic 15 will not take place in Iceland in 2020 due to the unsure current situation.
  2. The next EuroBIC (EuroBIC 15) will be held in 2022 in Grenoble as scheduled.

We are working on reimbursements for those who had already registered and paid. We will hopefully have it sorted out as soon as possible. 

The European Biological Inorganic Chemistry Conference (EuroBic) is a highly established international meeting that provides a major platform to present and discuss the latest developments in all fields at the interface between Inorganic Chemistry and the Life Sciences

A wide range of topics in the field of biological inorganic chemistry will be covered including;

  • metal-based medicines
  • metal homeostasis and detoxification
  • therapy and diagnosis
  • bioorganometallic
  • sensors and imaging
  • metal ions in human health and diseases
  • metal-nucleic acid interaction
  • natural and engineered metalloproteins
  • advanced spectroscopic methods
  • biohybrid catalysts and enzyme models
  • bioinorganic materials
  • bioinspired energy conversion
  • new methods and tools in bioinorganic chemistry